Day 5: Celebrating the YLF & transitioning to LLF

Day 5: Celebrating the YLF & transitioning to LLF

Activity 10: Celebrating the Year Long Fellowship and the Transition to Lifelong

1 hour 30 minutes

Fellows and staff in South Africa will join this Activity!


To help us to:

  • Celebrate the completion of the Year-long fellowship
  • Transition to the Lifelong fellowship
Preparation by Fellows

Fellows will have been alerted well ahead of the trip, to buy a gift for the Fellow whose name was drawn for them, and to take it along to Spain. Have it with you on this final day of the Year Long Fellowship. 


We will gather in plenary for a closing ceremony: 

  1. Gratitude to Spain & our Hosts: We will hang our Spain Posters again, and will look for additions and embellishments since we first saw them on Monday in Activity 1. The posters should highlight just how much we have experienced and learned in this one week. Presenters will show us how your analysis of Spain and social justice struggle has deepened through being here and seeing and engaging first hand. We will offer gratitude for the time we are having in Spain, and for the generosity of our hosts and all those who have given us their time and wisdom! 
  2. Appreciate each other: Stand in two equal circles – an inner and outer. The circles will begin to move – one circle moving to the right and the other moving to the left. Stop after 30 seconds. Acknowledge and celebrate the person directly opposite you in the other circle, for how you have grown to appreciate them in the Fellowship. Do this twice.
  3. Give your gift: We will then ask one Fellow at a time, to give the gift that you have brought for another Fellow. 
  4. Meaning of Life Long Fellowship: Share with your partner for 5 minutes, about what lifelong learning and fellowship in the context of social change, leadership and agency means to you.  Pairs will then share the highlights of the conversation in plenary. 
  5. Welcoming into Life Long Fellowship: The activity will conclude with Year Long Fellows being welcomed into the Life Long Fellowship, as we frame the broad parameters and pathways of this future journey.  

Last updated: May 2022