Day 3: Site visits Barcelona

Activity 8: Reflections on Site Visits and Traditional Module Movie

Day 3: Site visits Barcelona

Activity 8: Reflections on Site Visits and Traditional Module Movie

2 hours


To help us to:

  • Share feedback from the site visits, including the extent to which the site visits deepened both context learning and refining of SCI concepts
  • Exchange learnings between groups that went on different day 1 site visits
  • Enjoy our traditional module movie night

Task 1
Plenary: Reflections from the site visit

1 hour

This is our regular movie night, but as we are watching a short movie this evening, we want to start with a reflection on the day’s site visits. 

Each site visit group will get a chance to share the following after a quick 15-minute group chat and preparation:

  • What is this movement or organisation doing to advance social change? 
  • What stood out for you?
  • Were there any key lessons and experiences to share?
  • Was there anything particularly helpful for the work you are doing on SCIs?

Task 2
Plenary: Movie – Caring Between Lands

1 hour

Please have your journal to hand, to make notes of any angles of the movie that resonate for you. We will watch the movie in plenary and pick up on reflections informally during Thursday’s site visit, and in our closing reflective sessions on Friday. 

This movie tells the story of how, unlike men’s migration, women’s migration has a domino effect on care provision. In their cities and countries of arrival, many migrants, displaced and exiled women are employed casually in the domestic sector, to fulfil a role that was traditionally carried out unpaid by women within the family unit. Meanwhile, in their country or area of origin, the care deficit left behind when they migrate is taken up by other women. Often, grandmothers, aunts, sisters are left to care for children and dependents. Occasionally, others who have migrated fill the void, in even more precarious conditions than those endured by migrants in the global North.

The care drain associated with the migration of women is felt not just in the family milieu, but also affects the community and the local area. The defence of natural resources, which falls heavily on the shoulders of women, also suffers when they have to move away.

Situations of impoverishment and violence, bearing the hallmark of the West, provide the backdrop for these transfers of care, a transnational and urbanized phenomenon which reveals the tension between the needs of people and the needs of markets to accumulate wealth, and a phenomenon that shows how far the day-to-day burden of keeping life going –from family to natural resources– remains from the political agenda, and from being shared evenly.

The movie covers the following issues: 

  • Unpaid reproductive labour
  • The colonial relationship between latin america and spain, that continues today with migrant women going to spain to take on work
  • Migrant workers’ rights
  • Patriarchy
  • Capitalism and neoliberalism
  • Extractivism and its impacts on populations livelihoods and nature. 

Caring Between Lands

Website of the project in English:

Documentary online (with english subtitles):

A PROJECT OF LA DIRECTA (a biweekly magazine in Catalan language published in Barcelona and distributed in paper and digital format, based in Barcelona and with correspondents in several places of the Catalan Countries as well as other parts of the world, covering a wide range of topics mostly related to left-wing politics, social movements and social economy including news, investigation and debate articles) AND COOPERACCIÓ (a feminist organisation that organising popular schools of feminist economy, amongst other projects).

Last updated: May 2022