Module 4

Module 4 Objectives

The objectives of Module 4 are to: 

  • Deepen Fellows’ collective learning about social change – what it is about, its relevance/linkages/validity/application to health equity, different theories and approaches to it, diverse experiences and practices on it, and its different outcomes.
  • Enable Fellows to learn from international exchange knowledge about how social change happens, with a focus on the following core pillars – social agency, the place of social power and the balance of forces in determining strategies for social change, and ways and strategies to achieve it.
  • Deepen Fellows’ comparative critical learning about health equity and social change through an international learning visit (to Spain in 2021).
  • Conclude and celebrate the Year Long Fellowship through collective self-assessment, critical reflection on the Tekano praxis, and the lessons this offers for future cohorts. 
  • Initiate the transition to the Lifelong Fellowship, by collectively framing broad parameters and pathways to help deepen and sustain life-long learning, and concrete immersion and involvement in action for health equity and social change.