Day 1: The country we are in and its health system

Activity 1: The country we are in

2 hours 30 minutes


To help us to:

  • Grapple together with Spain’s complex history and socio-political landscape
  • Begin to compare Spain and South Africa and our critical learning on both in this fellowship

Task 1
Plenary: Quick Quiz on Spain – a memory jogger

20 minutes

By now, you will have read Part 1 (history and politics) of our Information Pack on Spain, as your pre-module work, so you will have begun to grapple with or expanded your knowledge of the terrain we’ve come to engage. You will also have journaled your questions and emerging analysis, and you will have made your SCI group poster on Spain. Have your journal and SCI group poster to hand for this activity. 

To jog our collective memories, and to land together in this first activity of the module, we will form teams of maximum 4 Fellows for a fun while serious 10-minute Quick Quiz led by our facilitation team. There will be some local fun prizes for the winning team. All answers can be found in the Information Pack on Spain at the end of this guide!

Task 2
Plenary: Spain’s social justice activism today

1 hour

In plenary, we’ll spend 50 minutes watching this set of 4 videos. Make notes in your journal as you watch, when something you watch sparks a link to the pre-module reading and group work that you have done in your SCI group. It may spark thoughts on where you could improve your poster, or refine your depiction of Spain:  

Task 3
Group work: Readying to present our posters

30 minutes

In your SCI group, review your poster together and decide if you want to make any additions, based on your reading, journaling and reflections since we left South Africa, and on your learning and thinking in this activity. 

Use cards or flipcharts and the magazines, kokis, poster paints provided, to add any new elements that you want to draw out in your group’s picture of Spain. Be ready to present your poster.  

Task 4
Plenary: Our picture of Spain as we begin

40 minutes

Each SCI group will make a short, maximum 5-minute presentation of their poster plus today’s additions. Everyone else observing, will be looking for similarities and differences between each SCI group’s presentation. 

Facilitators will work with guest facilitators, draw out engagement on this comparative analysis in the closing 15 minutes, and what it tells us about how we learn, how our knowledge evolves, and what key questions are for this group as the week takes off. 

The last 5 minutes will be a short discussion on the videos we watched and what our first reflections are on Spain’s social justice activism today

Last updated: May 2022