Module 1

Module 1 Objectives

The objectives of Module 1 are to:

  • Develop a shared understanding of the current political and socioeconomic context, its impact on health inequity in South Africa, and what this means for vulnerable and marginalised communities and the defence of health as a public good
  • Deepen our understanding of neoliberalism, its core manifestations and its impact on unequal health outcomes in particular
  • Analyse the wider systemic and structural causes of health inequity in South Africa, through both a historical and contemporary lens, with an explicit focus on its generational, gendered, racial and class impact
  • Begin to explore what is required in building a committed and critically engaged cadre of leadership for social change; sharing lessons from others, the challenges, the possibilities and the centrality of a collective leadership ethos
  • Further build the Tekano Fellowship learning community through shared learning and the development of critical skills for deepened engagement.