Module 2

Module 2 Objectives

The objectives of Module Two are to:

  1. Develop an understanding of the concept and workings of the political economy as a tool for framing a critical analysis of health inequity and the challenge for advancing social change. 
  2. Elevate our understanding of health as a human right and practically observe how this basic human right is being undermined in the South African context through applying a political economy lens.
  3. Deepen our analysis of neoliberal capitalism and its survival, through critically understanding its impact on health systems and the undermining of health as a public good, with an express focus on its generational, gendered, racial and class impact.
  4. Begin the journey of exploring alternatives through the experiences of health systems and movements in the global south; historically through to present day struggles, and what this means for leadership for social change.
  5. Build on our social change initiative work by exploring different leadership contexts for social change, with practical examples in the health sector, and the effects thereof.