Day 3: Site visits Barcelona

Activity 6: Organising for Social Change – Site Visits – Scene setting

1 hour


To help us to:

  • Set the scene for the site visits and the logistical arrangements
  • Agree our guiding questions and how they will be used for reflection and voice notes and video making overnight 
  • Link our Social Change Initiatives (SCI) with the learning anticipated from the site visits
  • Look at strategies for social change, and consider ways to achieve it

Task 1
Plenary: Scene setting for site visits

20 minutes

This final module is a key step in our learning journey and refining the Social Change Initiatives (SCIs) concepts. We have two sets of site visits spread over two days. These are important experiential spaces for Fellows to see and learn about what other activists, in other countries, are doing in their work on social changes for more equal and healthier communities. The site visits build onto the La Lluita Mzabalazo Café afternoon and evening, to shift from abstract learning about movements, to actual visits to their work. Given that there is limited time, we will sadly only be able to visit some of the movements in their day-to-day organizing and activism in these two site visit sessions.   

The site visits are an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and discuss ways to realise social change. Human memory is picture oriented and not word oriented, and we will remember from our Orientation week, that our best learning retention comes from actually doing, not just reading, hearing, seeing, speaking about issues. So site visits should bring heightened learning retention. This is the main rationale for this international module, that seeks to broaden the insights and experiences of activists, and enhance Fellows’ confidence as activists.

During these site visits Fellows can see and enrich their knowledge of places, political contexts and of activists in health. They can gain a deeper understanding of real-life situations and trends for social change. Perhaps most important of all, Fellows will gain new insights into their own activism and a more global perspective of organising for social change.

We will have an introduction from our hosts, to the set of site visits for today. We will split up into groups to go to different sites and may go to one or two sites, depending on which movements confirm. The provisional list is the following and short overviews can be found in Activity 7: 

  • Site 1: The Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH) – Platform for People Affected by Mortgages
  • Site 2:  Associació de Drets Sexuals i Reproductius – Association for Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  • Site 3: La Marea Blanca @ Hospital Clínic
  • Site 4: Radio Nikosia
  • Site 5: Oficina Vida Independent – The Office of Independent Living

Task 2
Group work: Deciding our questions for the site visit 

20 minutes

Consider the suggested questions below, that you will be answering and presenting on after the site visits. Discuss as a group if they make sense, or if you propose to change, add or delete any questions. You have 20 minutes in your group. Elect someone to present your group’s feedback in plenary. Remember too, that your reflections are not limited to these question. These visits are about exposure to new realities and imagining how you can best shape your own activism. Do look at your overnight task below, to make a short video or voice note after these site visits!! 

Questions proposed – please refine: 

  1. What is the work being done by this movement or organisation? 
  2. What are the key social change issues being addressed? 
  3. How are communities engaged by or within the movement?
  4. What strategies, campaigns, actions and approaches are being used?
  5. Are there lessons for sustained energy or actions for social change?
  6. What are the emerging lessons for your own activism for social change?

Task 3
Plenary: Confirming questions for site visits and overnight task

20 minutes

In plenary, we will hear from groups any suggestions for changes, deletions or additions of questions to consider when on the site visits for today and tomorrow. We will agree the guiding set of questions. 


Make a video or voice note (5 minutes to max 10 minutes), working alone, to explain your reflections on the site visit and what you learned that is of value to your Social Change Initiative. You can use some of the questions above to help you frame the recording.  

These will be shared with other members of your SCI group and will also be used more widely for Tekano learning and evaluation.

Last updated: May 2022