Day 3: SSDOH+: Innovation Labs

Activity 7: Fireside Stories about our site visits

Day 3: SSDOH+: Innovation Labs

Activity 7: Fireside Stories about our site visits

2 hours (after an early dinner)


To help us to:

  • Relax and reflect together after a physically, intellectually and emotionally demanding day out at site visits
  • Think through how the site visits deepened both the contextual learnings from this module, but also of the political economy discussed in Module 2 and a deepened understanding of social determinants and their impact on health equity
  • Continue honing our skill at using story telling as a political economy or SSDoH tool of analysis
  • Cross-pollinate the learnings from the different site visits
  • Integrate our SSDOH learnings in deepening our own SCIs

Task 1
Prepare to tell your group’s Fireside Story

30 minutes

This evening activity could be shortened if groups use their travel time or late afternoon to do this task of preparing the fireside story.

In your site visit group, with your site anchor, discuss your reflections on these questions. Have someone note down your answers as they will form the basis for your story crafting: 

  1. What stood out for you? 
  2. What deepened your understanding of the political economy of health and SSDOH?
  3. What was helpful for your own SCI?
  4. What was important for your own development as a leader?

Now craft your group’s 10-minute Fireside Story, that must give the other groups who were not with you, a vivid picture of the site, the people, the power of the story of activism. Remember to draw into your story a political economy or an SSDoH framing that highlights how power exists, is navigated and when shifts were possible and were made, how and why. In the telling of your story, give respect to those communities, their struggles, pain and striving. 

Task 2
Fireside Stories

1 hour 30 minutes

Each group will have their 10 minutes to tell their story and we will have a further 10 minutes of questions from other Fellows who were not there. These questions must be asked in the spirit of story-telling, such as “But Brother or Sister, do tell us more about…”. 

We will close the evening by asking Fellows to think overnight if these stories warrant being published as a Fellows Supplement. We’ll pick up on this in Activity 10.