Day 5: Social Change Initiatives

Activity 10: The week, lab lessons and our SCIs

Day 5: Social Change Initiatives

Activity 10: The week, lab lessons and our SCIs

2 hours


To help us to:

  • Reflect on and consolidate the week’s journey
  • Facilitate a follow up engagement between Fellows and/or host organisations 
  • Receive updates on social change initiatives, their conceptualisation, direction and what this means for your leadership development as the year continues. 

Task 1
Group work and plenary: Learning for our SCIs

30 minutes

Working in your SCI group, spend 15 minutes reflecting on the week, the concepts we unpacked, our interactions with movements and activists, and the lessons from the labs. Write up your group answers on flipchart and be ready to present them in plenary: 

  • Linking this week’s learnings to your SCIs, what have you learned that stands out for you as an activist for social change?
  • How will these lessons help shape your SCI conceptualisation?
  • Are there any fresh realisations that you are taking away and what questions do you still have? 

In plenary, we’ll spend 15 minutes reflecting on these together, before our SCI host organisations join us. 

Task 2
Plenary: Review and next steps on SCI Partnerships

1 hour 30 minutes

Hosts will join this session either in person or online. SCI groups will present their progress and grappling, guided by the following questions: 

  1. Where are we now? What have we done?
  2. What are our next plans? 
  3. What questions and issues are arising?
  4. What material and other support do we need?

We will conclude this activity by using the mid-term partnership coordinator report, using key issues and recommendations that have been reported, for discussion, consideration and agreeing next steps.