Day 1: Health is a Human Right. Right?

Activity 1: Linking modules: Health as a Human Right

Day 1: Health is a Human Right. Right?

Activity 1: Linking modules: Health as a Human Right

1 hour


To help us to:

  • Make the link between Module 1 and module 2
  • Set the context for our week together
  • Develop a common understanding of health and health as a human right

Task 1
Plenary: Settling in to our week together and what we will be grappling with

In plenary, we’ll settle in together by getting a sense of what feelings, moods, joys and worries we’re bringing into the space and how we can gently land together, to begin to make the most of the week and hold this complexity safely together. We’ll then look at key elements of the Framing Document (that you have read in preparation for the module) and what to expect from this week together. 

Temperature check

Starting with our ‘temperature’ check, you will each have a set of emoticons handed to you. Choose the emoticon that best expresses how you are feeling right now and hold it up above your head for us all to see. We will have a short chat about what this means for our learning week together.

Foundations for collective learning and democratic space

We will then remind ourselves of the ‘house rules’ we agreed that facilitate democratic space and effective learning, other housekeeping matters and some key reminders from the Orientation Booklet. 

Key aspects of the Module 2 Framing Document 

You will have read through the Framing Document ahead of today, so the facilitator will offer a reminder of key aspects of the document; and will engage what you found to be interesting and new, or concerning, and any questions that you may have before the week kicks off. 

Task 2
Buzz Groups: Why is health a human right?

Buzz about the following two questions with one or two Fellows sat closest to you. Be ready to share your same or similar views and your different ways of seeing:

  • So, what is health again?
  • And, what do we mean by health being a human right?

The facilitator will distil the picture that emerges and why settling our attitudes to such seemingly obvious questions is about ‘political economy’, the conceptual tool that we are grappling with in this module. 

We’ll collectively refer back to Section G above in the Module 2 Framing Document, on the question posed there ‘Is there only one way to understand health as a human right?’ and the question it challenges us with in our western way of grappling around our often uncritical assumptions that a human rights based approach is the epitome of progressive transformative possibility.