Day 4: Leadership for Health Equity and Social Change

Activity 12: Leadership & serious fun 

Day 4: Leadership for Health Equity and Social Change

Activity 12: Leadership & serious fun 

45 minutes

Aims | To help us to:

  • Have fun building some key leadership skills

Task 1 Team work

Outside in some fresh air! 


Your task as a team is to help a blindfolded colleague to manoeuvre around a set of makeshift  landmines  using only specified communication techniques. The only and specific words you may use as a team are left, right, forward, and backward. Follow the detailed instructions given by the facilitator. 

This game improves communication skills, while fostering trust among colleagues. 

Tallest tower 

Your task as a team is to make use of everyday items like toothpicks, uncooked pasta, wooden blocks, and other materials given out or those available (safely) in the outdoor environment. Your aim is to create the tallest free-standing structure out of the given materials.

This game helps develop problem-solving skills and encourages collaboration.

We’ll hear Fellows reflect on whether, how and why in your view this kind of team work did or did not strengthen your leadership for social justice.  

Task 2 Optional evenings and mornings idea

Make your own leadership movie 

Take some of your free time to use one of your phone cameras to make your own leadership movie before lunch time on Friday! If there is a data issue that might prevent you, or other such technical issue, chat with the Tekano Team to solve it. 

Check out some of the more and less awful ‘What is Leadership?’ You tube clips or movies online. Collaborate to create your own 5- to 7-minute movie on leadership for social justice. Be as creative as possible. Include these and other relevant themes in the movie:

  • Collective leadership
  • Combining the heart, the head and the hand in leadership
  • Leadership in our crisis-driven context
  • The place of pioneering innovation in leadership
  • Leadership for health equity and social change
  • The desired leadership journey of each Fellow

You are free to make the movie between modules if you collaborate with other activists in your area or Fellows to create the video!